Tourism and others

We have seen throughout our experience that some people choose to do the processing of temporary visa or study on their own to reduce costs. This is feasible and valid, however, many of them end up paying more and wasting time. The process of filling out forms and get documents is not complex, what  is challenging to know is  the immigration laws and based on them to put together a successful application for a visa. Not only is filling up forms and documents, but to convince the immigration officer that is a strong case to have a visa to Canada.

We would like to emphasize that our company is certified by the Canadian government to offer immigration advice. This means that we take our service seriously. The Government of Canada strongly penalizes ghost consultants who charge a fee for immigration advice without the appropriate license.

The success rate in visa applications presented is 98%.


This program is intended for married or cohabiting living for a minimum of one year with a citizen / a Canadian. If this is your case, contact us, it is one of the best immigration categories has Canada.
You also can sponsor to your parents and children.


This category is for people within Canada with a tourist visa. Normally the Canadian government allows a tourist to stay in their territory for up to 60 days. If you want to stay longer you should request this permission from the Government through an application in which we can help. If you stay longer than you had, there is still an option. Look at our next service - Restoration


If you stayed in Canada longer than allowed you can do a restoration of status as long as they have not passed 90 days since your visa expired