Express Entry

Express Entry

Thank you for your interest in our firm and in Canada. Through the present document we will clear very important aspects about the process for Permanent Residence in Canada through the program Express Entry that will come into force in January 2015.


  • Professional degree
  • Mid-advanced English or French
  • Ideal age between 18 and 35 years old. Proof of funds (see below please)
  • If you have a partner (marriage or domestic partnership) and if your partner is also a professional and speaks English or French.
  • Having studied in Canada after high school
  • Having legally worked in Canada in Skilled Occupations
  • If you have a Canadian employer willing to back up your process


EXPRESS ENTRY program will work in the following way:

  • Hire our services formally through the signing of a contract
  • We will prepare your application, including your results in the English test and the evaluation of your educational credentials, forms and other back-up documents.
  • We will create an online application of your profile and case.
  • Also, it is mandatory to register in the Canadian Job Bank, so that your profile is promoted workwise in Canada.
  • The Canadian government will check all the profiles that are presented and will send an invitation to apply to Canadian residence to the most qualified profiles, whether due to their language level, type of occupation, age, level of education, etc. IF YOU ARE SELECTED your process will take from 3 to 6 months to be concluded.
  • Your profile will be also promoted by the Canadian Government among Canadian Employers in need of labor force.
  • If a Canadian employer gets interested in your profile, you would come to Canada with a job offer in your area of expertise and with an annual salary at the same level of a Canadian Citizen. Your Residence process will take between 3 to 6 months. If this is the case, you will not need to show savings or economic backup.
  • Remember that this program is a way of having a Plan B of life. Your case is presented and your life continues normally until you obtain and invitation of the Canadian Government or a job offer in Canada.

Your file must be ready, since there are parallel programs in other provinces in Canada such as Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan which have limited quota but that are more flexible than other programs and open once a year. However, we must emphasize that your file will have to be ready to be presented to the most convenient program; otherwise you will always be out of time to present your case. Do not delay your decision anymore, take your English exam, validate your professional degree, gather your documents and fill out forms, that way, when the best option arrives, we will be ready to take it.

The application is done per family, this means that the residence is for the main applicant, partner and children. Take into consideration that if one of the members of the couple meets the requirements, it is enough to start the process to obtain the Canadian Residence. However, if you both qualify, you have more chances to be approved.

We will check your profile, and if you qualify in this first phase, you will be ready to start the Permanent Canadian Residence Visa application process.

The first step is to hire the consulting and representation services of our firm.

Once the business relationship is formalized, the applicant will receive the list of documents needed for the process. Also, the applicant will receive all the forms necessary for the process, as well as the guide to fill them.

The main applicant and partner (if applicable) will have to take the IELTS test as soon as possible. They will have to prepare themselves adequately for such exam In the evaluation that will be done by our migration consultants, we will let you know the grade you need to obtain in your English or French exam (if French is your first language for application, you must take the TEF test at the French Alliance).

You have around 15 to 20 days to collect as many documents as possible and to fill out the forms. We will work through emails and Skype calls or any other means of communication to put your application together quickly.

The document will have to be translated for process purposes.

The applicants WILL HAVE TO KEEP A FULL COPY OF THEIR PAPERS and the other set of documents will have to be sent to our offices. Remember! We are a firm authorized by the Canadian Government to represent you in the process before the Canada migration authorities.

The Firm will check your documents, and if everything is in order, your file will be presented to the office responsible of processing the cases for permanent residence. If the file has any weakness or error, we will let you know to strengthen your application as much as possible.

Once the Canadian Government checks your file, they might ask for new documents of more proof of certain criteria. They could also ask you to do medical checks ups which represent a great step in the application process and it is practically the final step. Once you have done the medical checks, they will ask you to hand in your passport and to pay the Landing Fee to issue your Permanent Residence Visa in Canada…WELCOME TO CANADA!!!