After fourteen years of experience in migratory topics, we can conclude that our services are based in making our clients aware on the importance of having a Life Plan B for them and their families. 

Our programs are aimed to people economically prosper, who have built and important patrimony and who are only missing a PASSPORT (to put it some way) that constitutes their Life Plan B.  

Our direct clients are potential investors, capitalists or business people who live i politically unstable countries who, in spite of having a sound economic situation, are constantly worried about the environment that surrounds them and that they cannot control.

One may ask, what if?

  1. The current government decided to nationalize companies?
  2. The imports and exports fell sharply?
  3.  The migratory policies of their countries forbade them from leaving such countries?
  4. Your and your family’s safety was threatened?

Certainly, it would be terrible to wait for the above mentioned to happen, by then, regretting not having had an ACE up the sleeve to deal with these not so possible, YET NOT IMPOSSIBLE scenarios!!  


One of our most important clients is one who has mobility problems because of their Citizenships or their country of Residence.

You, dear investor, business person or capitalist who has the monetary power to plan your future, we invite you to analyze the different alternatives to obtain a Double Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Investor Visa in destinations open for people with your profile. We want to inform you of the benefits in each program and each country, as well as the conditions in every process in the countries we work with.

The fact of having a tourist visa for almost every country in the world does not mean that you have a life Plan B; a tourist visa is just for that, TOURISM.. it will not allow you to do bsiness or easily reside in any country without going thrugh a wearing migratory process that may have lettle success.

Plan B Immigration is located in Toronto, Canada and works with different firms specialized in each program presented here. Everything that you will see in this website is demonstrable and verifiable by official sources and of course the confidentiality of our clients is a key part of our future relation.