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Plan B International Immigration Firm

We are an International Immigration Firm focused on providing advise to Professionals, Students and Visitors interested in Canada.

Express Entry Program (Permanent Residence in Canada)

Basic Requirements:

  • Professional Title.
  • Middle-Advanced English or French Level.
    (Non-essential requirement to start the procedure)
  • 25 to 38 years of age. If younger, you could still qualify.
  • At least a year of professional working experience.
  • Proof of economic solvency.

International Student Program (Study in Canada)
+ Application to Permanent Residence Program

Basic Requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Middle-Advance English or French Level. We´ll go over each case independently.
    (Non-essential requirement to start the procedure)
  • Graduated from high school, choosing a studying program of at least one academic year (8 months) in Canada.
  • Proof of economic solvency either of your parents or tutors, or of yourself if it applies.



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